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You grew up in a world of expectations, stated and unstated.

Like all of us, you wanted love, acceptance, and approval.

Maybe you embraced being the good girl, the Eagle Scout, or whatever role you were cast in.

You worked hard and did everything you were supposed to do, and now here you are: successful according to the standards of your family, your culture, your religion, but feeling disoriented or lost.

On the surface, things seems fine.

Maybe there’s a little depression or anxiety. Maybe you just feel a little off.

But it isn’t really that.

It is more like a part of you dies every day that you continue down a path you aren’t meant to be on.

But where do you start? How do you find your path? And if you make a change, what would that mean?

It would mean turning your whole world upside down. It would mean major changes.

It would mean stepping away from what you know, into the unknown.

And that is terrifying.

But it is also terrifying to think of remaining where you are.

You are at a crossroads: do you find a way to make peace with a life that doesn’t align with your authentic self, or do you make some really hard decisions?

My role is to provide a safe, accepting, and non-judgmental space for you to explore the answers to these difficult questions. And once you find the answers that are right for you, to support you in living those answers out in the world. If living those answers involves change, then my role involves supporting you in making the changes that you seek.

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