Online and Walk & Talk sessions available.

MBTI Services

MBTI services are available to therapy, mentorship, and coaching clients. Services for groups, organizations, parents, and educators will be added soon!

All services/reports include taking the official online MBTI personality inventory. There is no cost for taking the inventory.

Therapy Clients

The following reports are available to active therapy clients. The interpretive session that goes with each report will be integrated into your regular therapy session at no additional cost.

Introduction to Type

Provides a detailed description of your type, including characteristics commonly associated with it; typical strengths; and potential areas for development. Includes: the Introduction to Myers–Briggs® Type booklet & Exploring Type workbook which provide:

Detailed descriptions of the 16 types reflecting current research
An in–depth exploration of the eight preferences and materials on type dynamics
The essential information needed for understanding your MBTI® results
*Because this report provides foundational information for understanding the MBTI and a verification process to ensure your type is accurate, it is required before purchasing focus reports.

Focus Areas

Conflict Style: helps you to understand how your type preferences influence your approach and response to conflict; and provides actionable steps for dealing with conflict more effectively.

  • Explains how to adjust your natural style to effectively navigate conflicts and to foster better relationships in the future
  • Provides a detailed overview of your conflict style, with specific information on key strengths and likely conflict triggers, as well as potential blind spots and areas for further development
  • Explains the essential attributes associated with different conflict styles and offers insights into how others may view, and typically want to address, a conflict situation

Stress Management: details how your type preferences influence your approach and response to stress; and provides actionable steps for dealing with stressful situations more effectively.

  • Describes circumstances that are likely to trigger stress reactions for your type preferences
  • Explains the impact of stress on your personality characteristics
  • Provides do’s and don’ts for handling stress and leveraging natural strengths

Decision–Making Style: uses type preferences as a framework for understanding your decision–making style.

Helps you become a better decision maker by alerting you to your decision–making strengths, potential challenges, and areas for development.
Offers key questions to consider during the decision–making process to facilitate more comprehensive decisions.

Career: shows how your type affects your career exploration and discusses the benefits of choosing a job that is a good fit for your type.

  • Explores preferred work tasks and work environments
  • Explores most popular and least popular occupations
  • Offers strategies for improving job satisfaction
  • Includes expanded coverage of popular fields, such as business, health care, computer technology, and high–level executive and management occupations.

Mentorship and Coaching Clients

For information regarding potential focus areas, see descriptions under “Therapy Clients.”

  • 90 min session $270
  • 60 min session $180

Coming Soon!!!

For Parents and Educators

Individual Consulting & Group Workshops

  • Learn how to use type preferences to understand and respond to children in the home or school environment.
  • Build positive relationships with children.
  • Applications of type to parenting
  • Applications of type to teaching
  • For Groups and Organizations
  • Workshops for Optimizing Team & Leadership Effectiveness

Team Building: Capitalize on your team’s similarities and differences
Communication: Learn how to use personality type information to improve team communication
Conflict Management: Learn how to use personality type information to better manage team conflict
Stress Management: Discover the impact of stress on type, and how to use type in stressful team situations
Change Management: Identify how to use type to improve team and organizational transitions.
Leadership Development: Identify how to use personality type information to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.