00: Introducing Women in Depth

Welcome to the Women in Depth podcast! Today’s show will be different than the others as I tell you what to expect for future shows. We will be cultivating conversation around the entire experience of being a woman, with all its different aspects. Thank you for beginning this journey with me! What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • How we will shine a light into life’s shadows
  • Being human involves uncertainty, suffering, pain, and struggles.
  • Life’s difficult places affect us.
  • Why the most painful challenges lead to the most growth
  • When we face fears with intentionality, we can heal and move forward.
  • Who Am I? Meet me, learn what I do, where I work, and the topics I’m most passionate about.
  • My inspiration is my clients, who move me, honor me, and astound me.
  • Support for YOU as we explore the inner lives of women
  • What my goals are for this podcast
Please come back each week and listen to the new episode!