08: Shadow Work: The Inner Journey with Keri Nola

Welcome! My guest today is Keri Nola, an intuitive psychotherapist, best-selling author, and soul mentor for healing entrepreneurs worldwide. She has a thriving clinical practice focusing on holistic healing, and her practice has recently evolved to create virtual products, programs, and retreat experiences to support the sacred work of therapists and healers.  Join us as we go on an inner journey to explore the Divine Feminine, healing energies, and Shadow Work. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • The Divine Feminine: What does it mean?
  • Surrender, receiving, deep trust, and inner knowing
  • The Art of BEING
  • The importance of pausing and receiving
  • Masculine and feminine energies
  • Shadow: What is it and how does it show up?
  • Why shadow has its roots in childhood
  • The repetitive patterns of shadow
  • People-pleasing, being “the nice girl,” and being afraid of conflict
  • Going into survival mode
  • Self-acceptance
  • How shadow work can affect relationships
  • Welcome the discomfort
  • The way shadow shows up in the physical body
  • Keri does a reading with her  “Messages from Shadow” cards.
  • The ways self-harm sneaks into our lives
Here are the images from the “Message from Shadow” reading by Keri. InfiniteEnoughness PhysicalBodyF SelfHarmF Resources: www.kerinola.com Save