09: Disordered Eating: A Search for Wholeness with Jodie Gale

Welcome! My guest today is Jodie Gale, a soul-centered psychotherapist living among the beaches of northern Australia. She helps women who struggle with body image concerns, yo-yo dieting, chronic dieting, and eating disorders. These are issues that many, if not most, women encounter at some point. Jodie’s approach is from the perspective of wholeness, healing, transformation, and growth. She helps women find purpose, value, and meaning out of suffering. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • Jodie’s passion stems from her personal recovery from bulimia
  • Jodie’s healing approach: psychosynthesis
  • Eating disorders as a search for wholeness
  • Any effort to change our bodies is disordered eating
  • Clean eating, healthy eating, and self-care: Why we need to lose the language!
  • What an eating disorder REALLY means
  • Common symptoms of eating disorders
  • The mistake of filling needs with food or exercise
  • Sub-personalities—find out what they need
  • Dis-identifying with PARTS/Identifying with the WHOLE self
  • The heart of eating disorders: spiritual needs
  • Recovery: the journey of the soul
  • Spiritual bankruptcy that needs love, compassion, connection, and acceptance
  • Brain changes that happen as the soul heals
Resources: www.jodiegale.com Emily Rosen, CEO of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating The Recovery Warrior podcast with Jessica Raymond Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth