10: Spiritual Abuse: What It Is and Why It Matters with Tamara Powell, LMHC

Welcome to this episode. My guest today is Tamara Powell, a psychotherapist, and life coach who practices in Pensacola, FL. Tamara’s practice focuses on those struggling with issues related to sexuality and spirituality, including abuse and trauma. Many people don’t even realize that spiritual abuse exists; its potential to deeply wound those who experience it; and how difficult healing from spiritual abuse can be.  I hope you will join us for this meaningful conversation. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • Where sexuality and spirituality intersect
  • How spirituality gives support and strength
  • Questions about spirituality that a therapist might ask
  • The difference between being spiritual and being religious
  • Spiritual abuse: What is it?
    • Leaves no outward marks
    • Attacks worldview
    • Abuse of authority by religious leaders
    • Unreasonable demands of women
  • Long-term impacts of spiritual abuse
  • Why abuse includes teaching people not to “question”
  • Religious beliefs: structured vs. unstructured
  • Myths about spiritual abuse
  • Secondary and tertiary traumas
  • Words of wisdom: “Get comfortable and secure and THEN address the issue.”
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