12: Dreams and the Divine Feminine with Renee Beck, MFT

Welcome! My guest today is Renee Beck, a marriage and family therapist in private practice in Oakland, CA. Renee specializes in dreamwork and transpersonal therapy for alternative healers, inner seekers, and artists. She has been an approved clinical supervisor for the California Institute of Integral Studies and has supervised hundreds of beginning therapists working toward licensure. Renee is the author of The Art of Ritual and has several decades of experience working with dream, ritual, energy, and symbolic systems. Today’s conversation explores digging deeper into dreams, feminine and masculine energies, and archetypal symbols. Dreams can be powerful sources of wisdom and guidance. Want to know more? Join us! What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • Why Renee loves helping people access their unconscious
  • Shadow work: What is it?
  • How Renee works with dreams, imagery, and metaphor
  • Feminine and masculine energy: how they balance
  • Transpersonal therapy: What is it?
  • Connecting to something larger
  • Why we need a sense of wonder
  • How dreams help in finding something bigger, protecting, and inspiring us
  • Moving towards or running away from dream messages
  • The archetypes and symbols of the divine feminine and masculine
  • Integration and balance of feminine and masculine
  • Self-care and nurture
  • The importance of slowing down and receiving
  • Exploring the divine feminine on your own
  • Symbols and personal meanings
Resources: www.reneebeckmft.com Get Renee’s Book: The Art of Ritual