122: Sovereignty Archetypes Within Each Woman with Marisa Goudy

“You are the author of your own life, and you are in charge of crafting the story.” When was the last time you gave yourself permission to explore your power? Power isn’t just money, status, or a title – it’s within you. In a world that so highly values climbing the corporate ladder to have power over others, it’s easy to forget the innate power within. In this episode, I talk with author Marisa Goudy, who recently published her first book The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic. Marisa shares her journey to Ireland 20 years ago, where she discovered the myth and magic of the Sovereignty Goddess, which lays the foundation for her book. Throughout our conversation, we analyze the relationship between the Princess, Queen, and Wise Woman, and why each archetype is significant throughout life. We also discuss the taboo topic of death, reproductive expectations for women, and so much more. Take a listen to learn more about how you can become an authority in your own life. About Marisa Goudy: Marisa Goudy is the author of The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love and Magic. She is also an author, writing coach, and energy healer who teaches women how to uncover, embody and tell their own sovereign stories. Marisa combines her passion for Celtic mythology, Goddess spirituality, and Irish folklore with her feminist vision of creating an equitable world that is more beautiful, bearable, and bold. Marisa inspires sovereignty seekers and creative entrepreneurs to embrace their personal, creative, and spiritual sovereignty. Marisa is also the founder of The Sovereignty Writer’s Circle and creator of the Seven Magic Words Project. She also offers writing, coaching, and Tarot as Intuitive Healing sessions to individuals. She teaches therapists, coaches, creative entrepreneurs, and other transformation professionals how to use storytelling to build their world-renewing businesses. Some Questions I Ask:
  • Why did you choose your title? (6:45)
  • What is the relationship between the Princess, Queen, and Wise Woman? (14:10)
  • What is a sovereignty map and why is it important? (32:58)
  • Do you have any favorite parts of your book? (37:26)
  • What is the best way for listeners to learn more about your work? (42:00)
In This Episode, You Will Learn:
  • How Marisa Goudy redefines (6:16)
  • What it means to be an authority in your own life. (12:34)
  • How the concept of the Sovereignty Goddess creates space to be a real, messy woman. (23:53)
  • How Marisa tackles the concept of death in her book. (29:26)
  • Why Marisa chose to share her personal story about having an abortion in her book, and why that was the right thing for her to do. (37:28)
Resources: Marisa Goudy’s Website Marisa’s Facebook Marisa’s LinkedIn Marisa’s Instagram The Sovereignty Knot Readers’ Community