133: Raising Empowered Children: Insights for the Codependent Perfectionist Parent with Alana Carvalho

In this episode of Women In-Depth,  Alana Carvalho, LMHC, shares her insights on helping parents recover from patterns of codependency and perfectionism so they can raise empowered children.     Alana Carvalho is a licensed mental health counselor who focuses on helping parents, couples and individuals build balanced relationships by releasing old patterns and becoming more authentic. She is especially passionate about helping individuals see how healing codependency and perfectionism can lead to a more joy filled life. Alana has lectured on child development at The College of Staten Island. Her first book Raising Empowered Children: The Codependent Perfectionist’s Guide to Parenting is now available on amazon.com. Alana maintains her private practice in Midtown Manhattan and is currently seeing clients virtually. You can connect with her through her website, Instagram, podcast or you can email her at alana@alanacarvalho.com   Topics discussed in this episode: 
  • The importance of helping parents understand codependency and perfectionism (2:39) 
  • What is codependency? (8:57)
  • How codependency can show up in parenting (9:34)
  • How someone can begin to heal from codependency (18:31)
  • What is perfectionism? (19:52)
  • How perfectionism can show up in parenting (20:30)
  • The double whammy of codependency and perfectionism in parenting (24:25)
  • The impact of little, everyday kinds of trauma (29:08)
  • The importance of emotional safety (35:20)
  • Bringing faith and spirituality into parenting (42:59)
Resources: Alana’s website: https://www.alanacarvalho.com/  Alana’s bookRaising Empowered Children: The Codependent Perfectionist’s Guide to Parenting  Women In-Depth episodes on childhood emotional neglect (CEN)with Dr. Jonice Webb:   Childhood Emotional Neglect:   The Invisible Experience After Childhood Emotional Neglect:  Healing Your Relationships with Your Partner, Children, & Parents