135: The Final 8th: Inner Selves & Getting Unstuck

In this episode of Women In-Depth, Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, LCSW, shares why, despite preparation, resources, knowledge, and support, we sometimes fail to achieve our goals. While Bridgit specifically discusses being stuck in relation to larger life goals, her work also applies to other ways we are stuck in our lives.    She is the author of “The Final 8th: Enlist Your Inner Selves to Accomplish Your Goals,” and the founder of the New York Voice Dialogue Institute. Bridgit received her MSW from Columbia University and teaches in numerous professional settings, including the Omega Institute. She lives in New York City where she maintains a thriving private practice. You can connect with her through her website or find her on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.   Topics discussed in this episode: 
  • Inner Selves and the idea of multiple ego states with competing agendas (2:54)
  • The Final 8th: failing inside a victory  (3:29) 
  • Developing a direct relationship with our inner selves (5:06)
  • How our early childhood influences our inner selves (5:35)
  • The gifts of our inner selves (6:08)
  • Using Voice Dialogue to listen and communicate with our inner selves (6:52)
  • How our inner selves to protect us from vulnerability (16:52)
  • The importance of processing grief (18:36)
  • Approaching our inner selves with compassion and curiosity (19:22)
  • Gifts of our hidden selves (23:56)
  • The power of the Blameography Exercise (25:03)
  • The challenge of the double bind or twisted loyalties (28:48)
  • Developing the ability to let go of a goal (30:26)
  • Practicing safe success (33:01)
  Resources: Bridgit’s website: http://www.bridgit-dengel-gaspard.com/  Bridgit’s book: The Final 8th: Enlist Your Inner Selves to Accomplish Your Goals Bridgit’s free Voice Dialogue Zoom Shop on the 3rd Thursday of the month: https://www.final8th.com/