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This episode of Women In-Depth features Dr. Pearl Gregor. Pearl began studying dreams in 1988. By 2015, widowed, retired, and having finished her doctorate, she created her website: In December 2018, she published “I, the Woman, Planted the Tree: A Journey through Dreams to the Feminine,” followed by two more books and a memoir.


Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • What is the search for the divine feminine? (3:15)
  • The Myth of Inanna  (5:09)
  • How Pearl’s journey in and out of depression brought her to dreamwork (12:34)
  • How working with myth & archetype helps anchor you (14:38)
  • The work of relearning to hear our inner voice (17:34)
  • How the word “feminine” has been distorted (19:52)
  • Jung’s process for individuation (28:23)
  • Benefits of dreamwork for those in therapy (30:08)
  • Nightmares are an unexamined letter from the self (40:05)



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