141: Rediscovering Your Body with Tara Galeano, LPC

“The body never lies and that is the truth.”     In this episode of Women In-Depth, Lourdes Viado speaks with Tara Galeano about the journey of women rediscovering and reconnecting with their bodies. By building a more solid relationship with themselves, women are able to improve the quality of their relationship with others.     Tara focuses not only on sex, but the universal reconnection of women to their bodies, who have so often experienced a disconnection in many ways. Listen as Lourdes and Tara discuss how true intimacy with oneself and, to a degree, selfishness allows women to have more agency over themselves and their bodies.    In this episode you will learn: 
  • Tara’s inspiration for her book [4:42] 
  • What is “true intimacy” [14] 
  • The initial steps in the journey of discovering your body [24] 
  • How trauma is addressed in rediscovering and reconnecting to the body [27:40] 
  • Tara’s words of wisdom [33:05] 
  Tara Galeano is a sex therapist, sexual empowerment coach, and author of Rediscovering My Body. Tara has been working for over 20 years helping women get their sexy back. From her own experiences and years of professional knowledge, Tara aids women in reconnecting with their bodies and selves as well as reclaiming their own sexuality.    Resources:    Tara’s book Rediscovering My Body is available wherever books are sold.     Tara’s website: rediscoveringmybody.com     9 Week Masterclass, June 15th-August 17th, 2021: For women who want to reconnect to themselves sexually, intimately, and completely but want to space it out over a few weeks. https://rediscoveringmybody.mykajabi.com/rediscovering-my-body-a-9-week-virtual-masterclass    3 Day Virtual Retreat on June 18-20, 2021 A journey to reconnect with yourself and your partner intimately and completely. https://rediscoveringmybody.mykajabi.com/rediscovering-my-body-3%20Day-Virtual-Couples-Solstice-Retreat