143: Daughters of Critical Mothers with Mari Grande, LCSW-R, LCAT

“The areas that we struggle with the most, where we feel maybe we’re the hardest on ourselves, or the most stuck… these are actually potentials for really building a strong foundation with your recovery.” [20:47]   In this episode of Women In-Depth, Lourdes speaks with Mari Grande about the Mother Wound and the impact of trauma on Daughters of Critical Mothers. By addressing this trauma clients can break the cycle and turn inward to heal and be soothed.   Mari speaks about the trauma that Daughters of Critical Mothers experience and the ways in which clients and therapists can recognize and begin to address the trauma of the Mother Wound. Listen as Lourdes and Mari discuss the various ways that this trauma can impact women; and how Mari and other therapists work to help their clients to heal.   In this episode you will learn:
  • Mari’s inspiration for working with Daughters of Critical Mothers and the Mother Wound [4:30]
  • What makes clients who are Daughters of Critical Mothers unique from other clients with trauma [8:40]
  • Indicators that a woman has had a disruptive relationship with her mother [14:10]
  • Considerations for therapists who work with Daughters of Critical Mothers [21:35]
  • Mari’s words of wisdom for Daughters of Critical Mothers [29:01]
  • The numerous resources Mari offers [30:00]
  Mari Grande is a New York-based Creative Arts Therapist, Clinical Social Worker, Thought Leader, Educator, and Coach. With over 20 years of experience, Mari works with clients to creatively heal their trauma, with particular attention to the Mother Wound. She uses a multi-modal approach incorporating art therapy, guided meditation, and somatic therapy in her practice. Mari has developed many resources, such as courses and modules, to help both men and women to heal from trauma.   Resources:   Mari’s therapy website: https://marigrande.com/; Mari is licensed in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and California.   Mari’s website for courses, programs, modules, and many more resources: https://www.creativehealingintegration.com/   And coming soon, a support group for clinicians who work with Daughters of Critical Mothers.  Click here to learn more!   Related Women In-Depth Episodes:   Episode 21:  Healing the Mother Wound with Bethany Webster   Episode 128:  Healing the Mother Wound:  A Foundation for a Better World