17: The Practice of Being Seen with Rebecca Wong, LCSW

My guest today is Rebecca Wong, a relationship therapist, consultant, and speaker. She’s also the creator of Connectfulness, a research-based practice encouraging people to explore and embrace every aspect of humanity. Today’s topic is the need to be seen, heard, understood, and accepted. It’s something we both fear and desire. Rebecca is launching a podcast very soon, and she currently lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband, daughters, and furry family members. Join us! What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • The need to be seen is a basic human need that fuels relationships
  • In Rebecca’s work with death, dying, postpartum moms, and couples—-the common thread is the need for connection
  • Being seen: What does it mean?
  • Knowing when things are in alignment
  • Fears and challenges to being seen
  • How Rebecca uses sensory experiences to end her therapy sessions
  • What it looks like to NOT be seen
  • Turning toward each other or away
  • Let your partner know what you need
  • A new definition of love
  • Rebecca’s work: mindfulness, compassion, and self-reflection
  • Play: how it’s used to be in the moment
  • Wandering and coming back to
  • Where to begin in being seen
  • Why we need to get “lost” sometimes
Resources: www.connectfulness.com