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Today’s show features, Sharon Martin. Sharon is a licensed therapist, counselor, and mental health and wellness writer based in San Jose, CA. She has spent 20 years providing counseling, therapy, and clinical supervision. Sharon has built a specialized private practice that reflects her belief that you matter and you can love yourself, heal, be empowered, speak your truth, and create a life you love. Listen for Sharon’s incredible insights on life, well-being and much more!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

• People pleasing
• Avoiding conflicts
• Meeting people’s expectations
• Perfectionism
• Rejection, fear of abandonment, and loss of love
• Being overwhelmed by your feelings
• Personal development
• The desire to control how others perceive us
• Experiencing discomfort through changing people pleasing
• Managing anxiety
• How people pleasing, perfectionism and self-worth are connected
• Replacing external approval with internal approval
• Taking care of ourselves emotionally
• Having a positive relationship with yourself
• How people pleasing and perfectionism are different for women
• Shifting your experience
• Learning what matters most to you, so you can make the best choices