34: Advice for Dating and Keeping a Healthy Love Relationship with Dr. Sharon Cohen

Today my guest is Sharon Cohen, Ph.D. Sharon is a Relationship and Love Consultant in Newport Beach, California. She specializes in communication strategies and the social dynamics of men and women. Her primary mission is to help women gain the skills to attract and keep long-lasting love.  A sub-set of that mission is to get women inspired to attract the love they desire. Her expertise and life experiences spark awareness and prompt change in her clients. Using an educational and action-oriented program, Dr. Sharon’s clients see their interactions and relationships in a whole new light. With this new-found awareness, her clients free themselves from their past mistakes in their dating, relationships, and life so they can now relax into love. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • How Sharon began her work of love and relationship consulting with women
  • Expanding our ideas about what a marriage should look like today
  • The importance of having a mentor in your life
  • How having a mentor changed Sharon’s life
  • The brain science behind love, dating, and relationships
  • The chemical effects that happen within our brain
  • Increasing depth of feelings within older men
  • Why it’s not wise to rush the developing stages of a relationship, moving in together, etc.
  • The relationship “do’s” for women when beginning dating / getting into a relationship
  • How women can make men feel like they’re being mothered in a relationship
  • Navigating your own independence within a relationship
  • Letting go of control
  • Red flags when beginning dating or relationships
  • Myths and misconceptions
  • Letting men develop in the relationship at their own pace
  • Knowing when to let go or end a relationship
  • The importance of communication
Resources http://drsharoncohen.com