37: Women and Anger with Michelle Farris, LMFT

Welcome to the podcast!  Today I’m joined by Michelle Farris, LMFT. Michelle is a licensed marriage and family therapist in San Jose, CA.  She became a therapist after realizing the power of her own personal growth. She teaches others how to be more authentic in relationships by healing their anger and codependency. It’s the power of accountability and unconditional support that helps us let go of the past and heal. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • The positive aspects of 12 step programs
  • What compelled Michelle to work around the issues of anger and co-dependency
  • How codependency is related to anger
  • How anger can misrepresent women
  • Misconceptions and myths around anger
  • People-pleasing and anger
  • Ways in which you can reconnect with your anger in a healthy way
  • What gets people stuck in anger
  • Learning to say no
  • Coping with your loved one’s anger
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