38: The Testosterone Project with Susie Arnett

Welcome to the podcast!  Today I’m joined by Susie Arnett. Susie is a writer, producer and creativity coach based in western Massachusetts. She spent 15 years as a producer and development executive, working for networks like Lifetime, Warner Brothers, HBO, and Fox. She has also written for multiple blogs as well as national magazines like More Magazine. Currently, she works with many of the world’s top experts and teachers at the Kripalu Center, developing retreats, training, and digital experiences, and also runs a boutique consulting business where she supports thought leaders and businesses in developing original ideas that make the world a better place. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • How Susie made her way into the television business after college
  • Having the opportunity to experiment in the early days of cable with a variety of different shows
  • The inspiration and reason for creating The Testosterone Project
  • Connection between men’s financial earning power and lower testosterone levels
  • The pressures men face
  • How we can empower men to help address these issues
  • The topics and discussions held within the Testosterone Project
  • Allowing men to exist outside of the stereotype of what a man should be
Resources www.lightfieldmedia.us https://goodmenproject.com The Testosterone Project. Welcome.