41: Natural Healing for Women at Mid-life with Chonteau McElvin

Welcome back to the Women In-Depth Podcast, my guest this week is Chonteau McElvin who has been described as modern day medicine woman. Chonteau wears many hats but her main reason for being on the planet is to assist in the awakening and remembrance that we are all connected and the time to step into our brilliance is now. Twelve years ago, when she suffered major personal losses, she was forced to evaluate her self-care and spiritual practices, and something amazing happened, she put “spirituality into action” and soul self-care became a way of life. For those of us who are constantly giving to others, there does not always seem to be a safe place to our deep soul work. This can leave us feeling frustrated, fragmented and lonely, which equates to, an inability to be fully present with our clients, families and most importantly ourselves. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • What drew Chonteau into this line of work
  • Why she has always looked forward to getting older and reaching her 40’s
  • The sense of connection and community that can be lacking in a woman’s mid-life
  • What makes the middle part of a woman’s life unique and special
  • What it means to be a modern-day medicine woman
  • How shamanic healing works
  • The common misconceptions around shamanic healing
  • Working with herbs and integrating shamanism into your healing
  • The need to reconnect with the natural world
  • The connection between flowers and shamanic healing
Resources http://chonteau.com http://chonteau.com/product/84-day-self-care-journey-ebook SaveSave