43: Thriving After Divorce with Mia Quaglia, LCSW

Welcome to the Women In-Depth Podcast!  This week I’m delighted to be joined by Mia Quaglia who speaks to me about divorce, how to overcome it, ways in which to support others going through it, and what thriving can look like at this difficult time in a woman’s life. Mia started Divorce and Thrive after finding herself in a divorce situation after being married for 25 years. She felt lost and didn’t know where to turn, even as a therapist. Now she feels the need to help others with what they’re feeling. She also wants to walk them through steps that help them recover. Divorce and Thrive is for women that are in the process of going through their divorce, or have been divorced and are going through grief or the healing process. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • What drew Mia to work in the area of divorce
  • The hurdles and challenges that Mia overcame through her own divorce
  • Dealing with the grieving process
  • The common areas that all women struggle with through divorce
  • Learning how to deal with being overwhelmed
  • The importance of vulnerability to help you on your path through divorce
  • How you can grow yourself while going through this painful process
  • The roadblocks and red flags to look out for during the divorce process
  • What thriving can look like after divorce
  • Ways in which to support someone in your life going through divorce
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