44: Shining a Light on Maternal Mental Health with Dr. Kat Kaeni

Welcome to the Women In-Depth Podcast.  This week I’m delighted to be joined by Dr. Kat Kaeni about the issue of Maternal Mental Health, which is all about maternal mental health during conception, pregnancy, miscarriage or loss, birth and postpartum. Dr. Kat is a psychologist who helps her clients find ways out of suffering or confusion and into wellness. Her style of working with people is to be real and keep therapy down to earth.   Her belief is that therapy should not be a mysterious process. She believes that we all have the ability to get better. Sometimes we just need a little help, and sometimes we need a lot of help. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • Why Kat became involved with this work
  • The difference between the baby blues and longer term maternal mental health issues
  • What birth trauma can look like
  • The myths and taboos that can contribute to this problem
  • Ways in which to support mothers through this process
  • Indicators that a mother may need support
  • The long term affects that can happen if maternal mental health is not addressed
Resources https://drkaeni.com http://momandmind.com http://www.postpartum.net http://www.postpartumprogress.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ppd-gone/id529141505?mt=8 (PPD Gone App) SaveSave