45: The Money Mirror: Our Inner Feelings About Money with Tiffany McClain

Welcome to the Women In-Depth Podcast.  This week I’m delighted to be joined by psychotherapist Tiffany McClain, who speaks to me about the taboo subject of money, our feelings toward it and the importance for us to have boundaries and a sense of safety. For Tiffany, watching her parents level up was… interesting. In some ways, they equipped her mightily for success! In other ways – not so much. With a generation of poverty, violence and societal racism on one side of the equation and rigid, fundamentalist Christian conservatism on the other, she had a herculean cargo of doubt, insecurity, confusion, and mistrust all combined with a devastating fashion sense. Being an in-the-flesh product of two extremely opposite worlds led to the feeling that she was an outsider in every situation. So, she did what any fun-loving misfit does: she became a psychotherapist. But first, she had to overcome huge external, but more importantly, internal, barriers that kept her from going after the life of freedom that she wanted – for herself, her family and the people who she is so stoked to serve. Though the doubts once felt insurmountable, she finally came to learn that battling forces inside could lead to fundamental paradigm shifts – shifts that stand to change the course of one’s life. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • How Tiffany became involved in this work
  • The taboos around money
  • Money as a symbol; anxiety, shame and societal pressure
  • The importance for us to have boundaries and a sense of safety
  • The money story or narrative and how it takes shape
  • The gender pay gap and differences in societal attitudes between men and women
  • The effects of unresolved money issues
  • The gifts of getting to know our money stories
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