48: Intuition – Listening To The Voice Within with Jocelyn Mercado

Welcome to the podcast! Today I’m very excited to be joined by Jocelyn Mercado, a transformational life coach, author, holistic health consultant, and environmentalist. She worked in finance and project management for over 15 years before taking the leap to leave the corporate world and begin her coaching and consulting career, and she has never looked back! Jocelyn has been studying indigenous wisdom, shamanic practices, and earth-based healing methods for years. She has experienced major life shifts that have led her to develop a life coaching method based on the following ideas:   1) we must heal ourselves first; and then 2) connect with others and help others to heal.  In this way, we will find our innate power to change the world. As a transformational life coach, Jocelyn works with visionary clients all around the world to help them discover their life’s purpose; break free from everything that holds them back; launch their inspired vision or new business to the world, and turn their skills as a healer or teacher into a financially sustainable business. Jocelyn helps people to connect to their heart’s truth, and then redesign their lives so they can spend more time (or all of their time!) doing what they love and what they are meant to do in this precious and beautiful lifetime. Her website, Sacred Planet, was created to connect a global community of visionaries, revolutionaries, and thought leaders who are unified by the knowledge that we CAN and we MUST work together to create a brighter future for ourselves, our children, and the next generations of beings on our beautiful planet. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • The benefits of embracing change happening in your life
  • The concept of “the voice within” and what this means
  • Creating a better relationship with discomfort
  • Being your true authentic self and not just meeting societal expectations
  • Listening to your dreams and the insight they can give you
  • Overcoming the issue of people pleasing
  • Ways in which you can begin to hear the voice within
Resources http://www.wearesacredplanet.com