50: A Woman’s Journey to Authenticity with Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen

Welcome to the podcast! Today I’m very excited to be joined by coach, author and artist, Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen. Ruth was born in Northern Ireland and now lives in the north of Germany. Before her life as a coach, she studied Communications Design and did freelance work as a designer, illustrator, artist and entrepreneur. As a coach, teacher and writer, working with women in her private coaching sessions and mentorship programs, Ruth is fiercely committed to guiding her clients to achieve extraordinary results through the use of the Journey method. Her deepest passion is to help women transform their pain of low self-esteem, lack of confidence, eating disorders, body confidence and weight issues, fertility, miscarriage, abortion, emotional and health issues, abuse, grief, depression, physical issues, intimacy issues, relationship or family concerns – into an opportunity to reinvent themselves and experience new possibilities. She has written six books, including Woman Rise and Shine, a simple path for women who want to be themselves and Flown the Coop, a guide to dealing with transition when the kids leave home.  Both books come  with workbooks to assist you in your own journey. Ruth has also written two children’s books: Snotme:  The Unicorn who thought he wasn’t a Unicorn and Nuffin -The Land Where Feelings are Not Allowed. What you’ll hear in this episode:
  • Ruth’s background and how she began her journey as a coach
  • The feminine paradigm and what it means
  • Having a better understanding of the feminine qualities
  • Different processes of healing you can pursue
  • The place of secrets within the healing process
  • The process of the Journey Method
Resources http://www.ruth-bleakley-thiessen.de http://www.ruth-bleakley-thiessen.de/for-free http://www.ruth-bleakley-thiessen.de/books/woman-rise-and-shine SaveSave