52: When Parenting Reveals Our Shadow with Lisa Marchiano, LCSW

Welcome to the podcast! Today I’m very excited to be joined by Lisa Marchiano, LCSW who is a Jungian analyst, writer, and mom. She has a private practice in Philadelphia, PA, and is on the faculty of the Philadelphia Jung Institute.   Lisa has a particular fondness for fairy tales and what they can teach us about relating to our inner lives and leads workshops on fairy tales nationally.   She enjoys running an online workshop for mothers that explores how being a mom can be a catalyst for personal growth.   Lisa holds a BA in history from Brown University, a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University, and a Masters in Social Work from New York University. She trained as an analyst with the Inter-Regional Society for Jungian Analysts.  Lisa has taught across the United States on fairy tales and related topics, and is the Seminar Director for the Philadelphia Jung Institute. She is currently writing a book on motherhood as a psychological growth opportunity. What you’ll hear in this episode: 
  • How Lisa began her journey into this line of work
  • What the shadow is and what it can look like in your life  
  • How parenting can reveal the shadow  
  • Indicators to know you are experiencing shadow and how to work with it
  • Why our children are able to provoke such strong reactions from us  
  • How the Norwegian fairytale of Tatterhood teaches us about shadow 
  • Ways in which to integrate shadow into your life  
  • What mothers can expect from Lisa’s new community “Motherhood Transformation”  
  • What has surprised Lisa most working around this topic    
Resources  ​​http://www.theJungSoul.com   https://blogs.psychcentral.com/big-picture-parenting   https://twitter.com/LisaMarchiano   http://www.lisamarchiano.com   http://motherhoodtransformation.com