53: Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person with April Snow

Welcome to the podcast! Today I’m very excited to be joined by April Snow, a psychotherapist in San Francisco, California who wants to help you heal your past wounds, embrace your true self and begin to thrive again.  In an effort to survive the struggles of early life or cope with present-day stressors, we often become disconnected from ourselves, needs and innate internal resources. We also may lack connection and nurturance during these difficult times, making them even more challenging to navigate.  April’s own journey towards emotional healing and growth has come most easily through safe connections with another. By offering a compassionate and supportive atmosphere suited specifically to your needs, she aims to be that safe place for you to explore your deepest feelings without judgement.   April helps her clients explore these areas of deep suffering or disconnection; their current impact; and how the impact prevents them from living fully. April truly believes that when we can begin to feel, we can finally begin to heal. 
  • Who is the highly sensitive person (HSP)?
  • The four characteristics of highly sensitive persons (HSPs)
  • The misconceptions around highly sensitive people 
  • What loved ones can do to support highly sensitive people
  • Introversion, extroversion and HSPs  
  • Social anxiety and HSPs  
  • Ways high sensitivity can show up in the external world  
  • How you can determine in you are highly sensitive  
  • The common challenges that HSPs face 
  • High sensitivity and men 
  • Suggestions for HSPs for creating a more aligned and comfortable life 
Resources  www.expansiveheart.com    www.sensitivetherapist.com  Learn more about High Sensitivity, access resources and receive my free guide “Simple Self-Care Tricks to Reduce Overwhelm” at www.expansiveheart.com/women-in-depth  Highly Sensitive Therapists can find support and tools to create a sustainable practice  at www.sensitivetherapist.com/women-in-depth