57: Feeding Your Wild: Food as Medicine with Venessa Rodriguez

Welcome to the podcast! Today I’m very excited to be joined by Venessa Rodriguez. Venessa is a certified holistic and integrative nutrition coach, practicing functional nutrition. That means she uses food as medicine and creates a roadmap to better digestion, more energy and healthy weight management that’s totally unique to YOU.  Her path to integrative nutrition and holistic health began when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. That’s when she truly witnessed the healing power of nutritious foods and a well-balanced lifestyle. After 5 long years of treatments, triumphs, ups, and downs… she lost her beautiful mom Norma. It was the most difficult and transformative time in their lives, and it taught her more than she could ever imagine.  Her mom’s journey taught Venessa that we are the stewards of our own health and must be our own advocates; that food truly is medicine; that positivity, happiness, and love are more potent healing tools than anything else; that every day truly is precious so we better live like we mean it; and that we can’t do it alone. What you’ll hear in this episode  
  • How Venessa got involved in this line of work 
  • What functional nutrition is  
  • What does “food as medicine” mean? 
  • What does it mean to “feed your wild?” 
  • Significance of the gut in relation to wellness/dis-ease 
  • Ways in which you can start on this journey 
  • What has surprised Venessa most around these issues  
Resources  www.unveiledu.com (functional nutrition practice)  http://www.divedeepdetox.com  Free Gift:   5-Day Feeding Your Wild Experiment Free E-Course + Challenge  http://bit.ly/FYWExperiment  In this free 5-day e-Course + Challenge I’ve created, you will learn:   +The #1 tool to get unstuck and reconnected to your inner power and intuition  + The key 5 areas you need to focus on every day to transform your health & spiritual well-being  + How to use Food as Medicine + determine which foods are best for you  + The exact systems I used to clear the clutter & take charge of my health & life  + AND Finally the critical yet commonly depleted nutrient most women are missing to lead a healthier sustainable lifestyle with more ease & grace