62: After Childhood Emotional Neglect: Healing Your Relationships with Your Partner, Children, & Parents

Dr. Webb has been a licensed psychologist since 1991, and has worked in a variety of different settings over the course of her career, including psychiatric emergency and substance abuse programs.  She has also been the director of several large outpatient clinics.  For the past eight years, she has been enjoying her private practice in Lexington, Massachusetts, specializing in the treatment of couples and families.  Dr. Jonice Webb has been interviewed on NPR and over thirty radio shows across the United States and Canada about the topic of her book, Emotional Neglect, and has been quoted as a psychologist expert in the Chicago Tribune. She writes the popular Childhood Emotional Neglect Blog on PsychCentral.com.  Over two decades of practicing psychology, Dr. Webb gradually started to see a factor from childhood which weighs upon people as adults.  This factor is extremely subtle.  In fact, it’s so difficult to see that it goes virtually unnoticed while it quietly saps a person’s joy in life, causing him or her to struggle with self-discipline, or to feel disconnected and unfulfilled.  Dr. Webb gave a name to this invisible factor from childhood:  Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN).™  What you’ll hear in this episode  
  • How Jonice defines Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) 
  • The ways in which CEN can affect your choice of partner  
  • How you can tell if your relationship has been affected by CEN  
  • Ways in which parents can make shifts to their experience of parenting  
Resources  Women In-Depth Episode 11: Childhood Emotional Neglect: The Invisible Experience with Dr. Jonice Webb www.blogs.psychcentral.com/childhood-neglect   www.emotionalneglect.com   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkB4-oY0XAqv8kzBlYov34w