69: Exercise Resistance Syndrome with Francie White MS, RD

Welcome to the podcast! Today I am delighted to be joined by Francie White, MS RD, an expert in the field of eating, exercise and body image disorders, both as a theorist and a practitioner. She is the co-founder of the Central Coast Treatment Center in San Louis Obispo and surrounding areas, where she recently created a brand new treatment program for Binge Eating Disorder and related overeating problems. With a bachelors degree in Health Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara; a masters degree in Nutrition Science from the University of California at Davis; and a Registered Dietitian license, Francie began a large private practice with a physician in Santa Barbara, California in 1985. Francie combined forces with psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed therapists and social workers to cross-pollinate through multidisciplinary efforts and create the roots of what was then an emerging specialty – one which recognized the myriad of eating and exercise symptoms as messengers of the toxic climate of our time. Early on, Francie teamed up with best selling author, Geneen Roth and had the privilege of leading thousands of overeaters through Breaking Free from Emotional Eating workshops, inspiring Francie to create her own theories on overeating and eventually on Exercise Resistance Syndrome. She published the first description of exercise resistance syndrome in Women’s Health Issues Journal in 1996, and has continued to treat women and train professionals using her specific inquiry process and formula for treatment.  Twenty years ago, Francie White created a workshop company to host Jungian- psychology based retreats and professional trainings for women, called Tending the Feminine Psyche. Francie is currently a PhD candidate at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  For more information, and a free summary handout of her Exercise Resistance & Recovery e-book, email her at franciewhite2@gmail.com. What you’ll hear
  • What Exercise Resistance Syndrome is and why it matters.
  • Why diets backfire and create a spring-loaded drive to eat, overeat and to eventually binge.
  • Some of the inquiry questions patients ask themselves while treating eating, exercise and body image disorders.
  • First steps when recovering from Exercise Resistance Syndrome.
Audience gift: 
  • Email Francie at franciewhite2@gmail.com to get the condensed version of her ebook with inquiry questions and recovery guide.