70: Parenting Through Addiction: The Other PTA with Ginny Mills, MA Ed, LPC-S, LCAS

Today I am delighted to be joined by Ginny Mills, a specialist in the field of addiction treatment who runs Parenting Through Addiction, the other PTA:  an affordable, accessible, convenient online way for parents to learn about substance use and how to address it at all stages on the journey. Ginny is a Licensed Processional Counselor Supervisor and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist. She is also a parent of a daughter in recovery, recovery advocate, and believer that a full life in recovery can be a reality! Ginny has been counseling adults, adolescents, parents and leading relapse prevention groups for over 25 years. She is the founder of Full Life Counseling & Recovery since its inception in 2008. Recognizing just how many parents lack access to hope, education, consultation and support, she developed Parenting Through Addiction: The Other PTA to meet that need for families everywhere. Through her membership website she offers free and paid plans, offering education and consultation about addiction, as well as access to a community of concerned and loving parents. PTA is a reliable source of information, a preventive measure, an alternative to treatment clinics, and allows parents to seek guidance before their children are ready to face their troubles. What you’ll hear in this episode
  • How parents can inform themselves, and start helping their children before they are ready for treatment.
  • A detailed description of Parenting Through Addiction’s membership plans and how does it differ from traditional clinical treatment.
  • The different stages of addiction treatment, the role parents play in recovery, and the importance of aftercare.
  • How to complement Parenting Through Addiction with other specialists and resources.
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