71: Understanding the Childfree Woman with Robyn D’Angelo, LMFT

Welcome to the podcast! Today I am delighted to be joined by Robyn D’Angelo, LMFT, the founder of The Happy Couple Expert private practice in Orange County, California. Robyn helps frustrated and disconnected couples and singles learn to LOVE + BE LOVED, better. She walks them through how to connect deeply while creating space for fun. Robyn is a relationship expert for couples and individuals and a California licensed Marriage + Family Therapist. She is a highly sensitive individual,  devoted wife to a U.S. Navy veteran and childfree woman. After working in the fast-paced world of marketing for six years, she was ready for a change. After some deep soul-searching and following her inner compass, she was led into a Masters program in Marriage and Family Therapy in San Diego, CA. Robyn helps couples master the messiness of couple-hood together and create their very own epic relationships that last. Her unique blend of traditional psychotherapy, neuroscience and educating lends to her #LoveGeek meets #BrainGeek title. She believes in the power of kindness, science + good old fashioned romance. Robyn’s clinical work and/or writing has been featured on: PsychCentral.com, MSN.com, DINKSInternational.com, HuffingtonPost, and she has been a guest on The Big Change of Heart Podcast, Coaching Through Chaos Podcast, and The Couples Expert Podcast and more. Gift for listeners: FREE access to Robyn’s online interview series “Love-Filled + Guilt-Free: Creating Epic Relationships for Wildly Successful + Childfree Couples.” Here you’ll find tons of interviews on choosing to remain child-free whether you are partnered or not. This is normally $179 but Robyn is providing to Women In-Depth listeners completely FREE.  CLICK HERE to see the topics. Email Robyn for access:   Robyn@TheHappyCoupleExpert.com What you’ll hear
    • The difference between being childfree by choice or by chance.
    • The misconceptions and assumptions about childfree women.
    • How to cope with the judgement and societal pressure when deciding not to have kids.
    • How does being childless affect the decisions and lifestyles we follow?
    • The significance of language in understanding childfree women and their experience.
Resources You can find her at www.TheHappyCoupleExpert.com Twitter: @YayCoupleExpert  Facebook: TheHappyCoupleExpert  Instagram: @TheHappyCoupleExpert YouTube Channel Recommendations: Book Two Is Enough A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice   Blog We’re not having a baby! Childfree adventures in a child-centric world The Not Mom By Choice or By Chance SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave