78: After Infidelity: Healing for the Offender with Beth Luwandi Lofstrom MA, LPC

Beth Luwandi Lofstrom, MA, LPC is a licensed psychotherapist and life coach in private practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. She works with couples and individuals experiencing betrayal, loss, and relationship tangles. Her Whole Human Theory (TM) suggests that a mindful approach to therapy is more dimensional than the mind/body connection and while relationships are dynamic, healing after infidelity, heartbreak, and complete existential crisis does not have to be complicated. Beth invites clients to see themselves accurately, gain deep understanding, and practice unconditional acceptance on their way to healing. Her book “After the Affair: Healing for the Offender” plots a course for the process. Written directly to the person in relationship who has strayed, the book is also helpful for the betrayed partner and for those hoping to help couples and individuals weather the storm.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How healing the offending partner helps heal the injured partner and the relationship
  • Asking the right questions: how vs why
  • Relationship ambivalence
  • The differences between mind, body and heart strength and how they affect healing after infidelity
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