85: How Childhood Emotional Neglect Impacts Professional Life with Erika Martinez, PsyD

Erika Martinez, PsyD is the founder, owner of Envision Wellness in Miami, Florida. A Florida licensed psychologist and certified educator, she specializes in combining her expertise in assessment, trauma, and shame resilience to address a variety of mental health conditions experienced by young professionals and entrepreneurs, such as anxiety/stress, burnout, limiting beliefs, people-pleasing, self-worth, heartbreak, and toxic relationships/codependency. Dr. Martinez has a passion for helping others cultivate self-awareness and confidence so they can lead achieve happy and meaningful lives that make the world a better place.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What is Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) and how it develops
  • How to tell if you’ve been impacted by CEN
  • What roadblocks, barriers or problems can occur when recovering from CEN
  • Understanding the importance of self-regulation while healing from CEN
  • Uncovering what parents may have done to cause CEN, and how it does not negate their admirable/loving qualities
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