117: When Grief is Complicated with Dr. Sonya Lott

"Grief is an expression of love for someone who isn’t here anymore." Experiencing the loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging parts of being human. When that loss is unexpected or happens in an “unnatural” order, the grief takes a different kind of toll on the person. All grief is complicated, but the loss of a child or loss as a result of a tragedy makes grief just that much more complicated. In this episode, I talk with Dr. Sonya Lott about her work as one of the only clinicians in Philadelphia trained in evidence-based treatment for complicated loss. We discuss how grief affected her and eventually transformed her life; what makes someone vulnerable to this type of grief; and what this treatment involves. Take a listen to learn more about how to help others experiencing complicated grief and reconstruct your own identity after experiencing it yourself. About Dr. Sonya Lott is a Clinical Psychologist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is one of only two mental health clinicians in Philadelphia trained in Complicated Grief Therapy. Helping individuals to transform their experiences of pre-death, acute, and complicated grief. Dr. Lott obtained advanced training from The Center for Complicated Grief at Columbia University, in Complicated Grief Therapy. She has recently launched CEM Psych LLC, which offers continuing education and multicultural competence for mental health professionals, approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. She is also the host of The Reflections on Multicultural Competence podcast. Some Questions I Ask:
  • What drew you to working in the area of therapy around complicated grief? (2:29)
  • When you say, “complicated grief,” what do you mean? (9:08)
  • Are there types of loss that make an individual more vulnerable to complicated grief? (13:20)
  • What are some words of support that you have for those who have lost someone? (34:11)
In This Episode, You Will Learn:
  • How grief manifests itself long-term. (5:33)
  • Why people get “stuck” in the grief process. (9:42)
  • Common types of deaths that put people at risk for complicated grief. (13:55)
  • How complicated grief impacts various areas of life and relationships. (18:50)
  • What complicated grief therapy realistically looks like. (24:44)
  • How to learn more about complicated grief. (37:02)
Resources: Center for Complicated Grief Grief Steps for Parents Dr. Sonya Lott’s Website Continuing Education in Multicultural Psychology The post 117: When Grief is Complicated appeared first on Life Change, Relationship & Wellness Counseling | Las Vegas, NV | 89118.

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