86: Reflections on Fatherhood in the 21st Century with Sean Fitzpatrick, PhD, LPC

Sean Fitzpatrick, PhD, LPC is the Executive Director of the Jung Center in Houston and is also a psychotherapist in private practice. His research interests include the intersection of psychology and spirituality; ethics and the imagination; vicarious trauma; and the self-care needs of helping professionals and social service providers. Sean holds Masters degrees in religious studies (Rice  University) and clinical psychology (University of Houston – Clear Lake) and received his doctorate in psychology through Saybrook University’s program in Jungian studies. He is a senior fellow of the American Leadership Forum and serves on the boards of the Houston Museum District Association and the Network of Behavioral Health Providers

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What does it mean to be a father?
  • What is an archetypal father?
  • Understanding the meaning of “father” beyond societal expectations
  • Why how you were fathered matters.
  • The presence, or lack thereof, of a father and how it influences a life
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