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Julie Bjelland is a licensed psychotherapist and author of several books, including, Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person: Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions.

In addition to her private practice, Julie also developed and teaches innovative online global brain-training courses for the “Highly Sensitive Person” (HSP) trait; is a consultant and supervisor to other therapists; teaches workshops; coaches HSPs globally; and consults with parents regarding their highly sensitive children.

Recognized for her expertise in the Sensory Processing Sensitivity trait, she is a featured guest expert on Dr. Rick Hanson’s Foundation of Well-Being Program.

Her passion is helping people live their best lives and thrive. Julie also specializes in working with anxiety, communication training, self-esteem, and the LGBTQQ community.

Julie is an HSP herself and the mother of two highly sensitive children.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What is the D.O.E.S acronym and how does it pertain to high sensitivity?
  • The difference between a high-sensitivity trait and a sensory-processing disorder
  • What is the “super-computer brain” and how do we teach our children to manage it?
  • How learning your body’s sensations can give you control over your high sensitivity.
  • How and when to discipline a highly-sensitive child


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The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person

Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person

Julie’s Online Course

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